We determine your kitchen design project cost by the scope of the project.
One of the ways eKitchenPlans.com can provide affordable kitchen drawings is due to our method of pricing. Our pricing is based upon the depth and complexity of your kitchen design project, unlike other kitchen drafting freelance services that charge by either a flat fee, or by the size of the kitchen. We find those pricing methods to be unfair. They typically will cost you more, especially for those with more basic kitchen plans,with less details, or if your kitchen design area is a smaller space.
We will provide you with a quote based on our estimation of the complexities involved in the scope of the kitchen project. This firm quote will stick. We have developed a formula based on our years of experience that has allowed us to be very proficient at pricing a kitchen design project. We stand by our firm quote.
There can be a varying degree of factors that affect the complexity of the kitchen floor plan, such as size of the space, whether or not the kitchen cabinetry and/or appliances are standard, and if there are items such as attachments, moldings, panels, décor, etc. Below are some of the elements and details that may affect the complexity of a kitchen drawing.
Reports & Final Drawings
  • reports
  • elevations
  • perspectives- black & white
  • perspectives- color
  • perspectives- texture
Plan Items
  • extra installer/ design notes
  • your company info, logo, address, etc.
  • materials listed on plan
Design Items
  • soffits or other structural obstacles (ie; columns)
  • complexity of countertop shape
  • cabinetry modifications
  • quantity of cabinets
  • quantity of walls
  • wall angles

Below are example layouts with pricing. Click drawings for larger images.

Example A
Kitchen Design Floor Plan
Full design from concept to completion using your field measurements.
  • pricing report
  • elevations
  • black & white perspectives


Example B
Kitchen Drafting Floor Plan
Created from a floor plan that you have already hand-sketched. We transfer it into 20/20 to create the computer-aided floor plan, elevations and perspectives.
  • pricing report
  • elevations
  • black & white perspectives


Any changes made after you receive the initial set of plans are done at a reduced rate.
  • 1st half hour- no charge


  • You send us all pertinent information.
  • We have a consultation and intake.
  • We will send your kitchen project quote to you.
  • In some cases we may require a 50% down payment, especially for larger projects.
  • Work begins on your kitchen plans
  • Design drawing is finished, the full payment or the remaining 50% payment will be required.
  • We will send you the final kitchen drawings / files.
If you require perspective drawings, we typically like to send you the floor plans and elevations first. After you have checked those over, let us know if anything needs to be changed. Once we make those changes, we will revise the floor plans and then produce the 3D drawings. We do this to reduce the overall time it takes which helps you save on cost.

Check out how the process works.