• This sounds like a great idea, but I haven't had my drawings done through a freelance service before, how can I be sure this will fit my needs?   TOP
    We think it's a good idea too. Our services can be customized to fit your needs. We understand this may be new to you, so that's why we provide a discount of 40% off your first order. Why not give it a try?
  • How long does it usually take to complete a design?   TOP
    Usually just a few days, as long as we have received all the pertinent project details, though sometimes it may take up to 7 days. The more details you supply us with in the beginning, the faster we can complete your drawings.
  • Do you have all the cabinetry e-catalogs?   TOP
    We have quite a few, but if we do not have the e-catalog for your cabinet line, or one that is not current, then we will need you to supply us with it.
  • How much do you charge per design?   TOP
    The pricing on our design drawings will vary depending upon the level of complexity involved in your kitchen project, including the amount of actual design work involved. Our pricing page has two examples of drawings with prices. This should give you a good idea of what the cost would be for one of your own kitchen drawings.

    Remember, we will always give you a firm quote before we start working on your design. Click to see our pricing examples and information.
  • What if I have several drawings that need to be done at one time, do you offer a discount?   TOP
    Yep. We offer a 15% discount for an order of 3 or more drawings if they are ordered on the same payment schedule.
  • Do you use the most current version of 20/20?   TOP
    Yes we do. We are on the technical support and maintenance plan, so our version of 20/20 will always be current.
  • Can we get a copy of the finished 20/20 file instead of the printed drawings since we might want to add to it or make changes?   TOP
    Sure. We have no problem sending you the design file.
  • Can you design the kitchen for us instead of just doing the drafting portion?   TOP
    Of course. We can design the kitchen from start to finish. We will need all the design information including the types and styles of elements your client would like incorporated, such as decorative embellishments, glass doors, wine storage, overall feel and look, etc...
  • How do I make a payment?   TOP
    After quoting your design project we will email you the quote, then call you to discuss it. Once you have accepted the quoted price, we will send you an invoice through Paypal. The invoice will be for 50% of the quoted price. You do not need to have an account with Paypal to use it. All major credit cards are accepted through Paypal.
  • How do I get all the kitchen information to you?   TOP
    There are several ways. First, we recommend filling out our online form. We think you will find that using the online form makes the process go very quickly and will guide you through all the pertinent information we will need. Of course we offer a PDF version of the form that you can download and fill out instead. The online version of the form contains an upload section that offers allows you to upload any documents, photos, specs or sketches to us. If it is easier for you, you can always email the information to us.